Cybersecurity: The Path to Your Beginning (THM)

4 min readJul 6, 2021

Back in November 2020, I wrote a blog titled, “Cybersecurity: The Starting line”, and focused on where an individual should start when trying to enter the Cybersecurity field. The blog touched aspects of the different areas/roles one can choose from when entering cyber security, as well as how to get started by learning the basics.

I’m happy to share with you all that Try Hack Me (THM) has launched a new and FREE learning path called Pre-Security. THM is known for creating opportunities to learn and practice skills that include, but not limited to: pentesting, OSINT, operating system fundamentals, scripting, web fundamentals, network security and so much more.

The Pre-Security Learning Path will guide you through the fundamentals that you’ll need to know before diving into cybersecurity; each room focuses on particular corners of technology that will help you stack the building blocks of your knowledge. These rooms are designed to make learning enjoyable, and also give you the opportunity to apply your new found skills by completing challenges. Don’t worry, THM loves seeing players succeed — they provide the content needed to complete each question, and if you still get stuck, you can request a hint.

Also, did I mention this was FREE?!?!

A Little About Each Room

I recommend reviewing the material once you’ve completed a room to ensure you become familiar with all your new skills.

The Cyber Security Introduction room is exactly as described: Understand why learning the technical fundamentals is important to succeed in your cyber security learning journey. If you don’t know how technology works, you will not be able to:

  • Find and research vulnerabilities
  • Exploit said vulnerabilities
  • Defend against those exploits
  • Understand the risks of these vulnerabilities
  • Respond to live incidents involving those exploits
  • and more!

From there, you’ll learn the Networking Fundamentals; I usually get bored learning about the OSI model and it’s layers (I’ve tried so many times to study for my N+), but this room is filled with interactive activities that help you understand the core concepts without yawning, like this OSI Dungeon game!

Next you’ll venture off to learn how the web works via their .. well.. How The Web Works room. Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, and ways an attacker (or you! You hacker, you!) can exploit vulnerabilities of a website. Even if you aren’t planning to be an ethical hacker — remember, the difference is authorization — it’s still important to understand the how and why if you want to learn how to defend an attack.

Both the Linux Fundamentals and Windows Fundamentals rooms slowly introduce you to the two operating systems that are most widely used today. Apple OS machines are built off Linux, so once you’ve mastered the Linux filesystem, you’ll find Apple to be very similar. These two rooms offer opportunities to navigate the operating systems via in-browser virtual machines, or remote into the machine via RDP.

I recommend trying out the RDP option at least once to get familiar with it.

This learning path is FREE to the community and has been created by the most talented at THM. I hope this will spark the passion in your hearts to learn more about the technology around you, and to venture into Cybersecurity.

Remember, experts are not created out of thin air. Happy hacking! ❤

Until July 15th, 2021, you’ll also have the chance to win some prizes! Each time you complete a room, you’ll earn 2 tickets if you’re a subscribed user, or 1 ticket if you’re a free user, which can result in: stickers, discounts, subscriptions, and even exam vouchers. I have completed all the rooms, and was lucky to win some prizes (was hoping for some stickers! Darn!).

It’s not too late for you to join in on the fun and start your journey in learning the technology fundamentals around cybersecurity, and earn some sweet prizes! To join, you can sign up via Try Hack Me or use my referral link where you’ll get a free ticket when you gain 100 points by completing some rooms.