Cybersecurity: The Starting Line

Cybersecurity: What is it?

A mindmap of the roles within the cybersecurity domain

Starting in Cybersecurity

  1. Develop a broad understanding of IT in general. The more you know in each area, the better you will be able to understand the workings of each team and problems you encounter. Read everything you come across — I have a short list of blogs and articles you might want to save:

    Websites & Bloggers:
    · Krebs on Security / briankrebs /
    · IT Security Guru /
    · Security Weekly /
    · Naked Security /
    · Daniel Miessler / Daniel Miessler /
    · Graham Cluley /
    · Troy Hunt /
    Check out this reddit community (and their wiki)!
  2. Make sure that you love to learn! You can check out some courses on these platforms:
    - Coursera
    - Udemy
    - EdX
    - Udacity
    - Skillshare
    - Pluraslight
  3. Design your own home lab. Learn, test, grow, break, and rebuild.
    For example: (other ways of building a lab are available, but this is something I have personally done) Download VirtualBox and create 2 VMs; 1 web server, and 1 database. Link the two together to create a website that can display items from the database.
    The reason I say this is so you learn to research, try new things, find resources, and learn how systems & tools work and interconnect before you can secure them.
  4. Certifications are great and should be pursued but only once you know which area in cybersecurity you are interested in. You also do not need to sit the exam; you can simply use the study material to learn a new concept. If you want to know which certificate is best, research for your desired topic and ask questions.
  5. Get involved in the community. This includes contributing to the conversations, contributing to open source projects, speaking at conferences, conduct research and share (create a blog), etc.
  6. When picking a cybersecurity career path, identify your interests and strengths, and be honest with yourself. I recommend listing our your preferences (ex: policy writing, and people management, or networking and app development) which will help pinpoint the type of roles you’ll want to focus on.
  7. When focusing on your technical skills, don’t forget about your soft skills! You need to be able to work well with a team.





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