Digital Forensics Course Development — Phase 0

At the beginning of this new year, January 2021, I was asked to help develop the Digital Forensics course for my local college’s newest program: Cyber Security Analysis Graduate Certificate. I found it very flattering and validating to have been asked to take on this opportunity, especially at a college I where I was once a student myself. I immediately started to think about all the neat projects, labs, tools and images the students will be able to tinker with; with that came a feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. I have since learnt a valuable lesson, and I want to bring you on this journey of Course Development for Digital Forensics.

The outcome? Maybe you’ll learn about creating valuable content, course work flow, or maybe just learn about different tools and resources. Who knows, but I hope you stay with me until the end. Someday, you may be a student of mine!

The Phases

Phase 1: Course Outline

Phase 2: Course Section Information

Phase 3: Content Development

Phase 4: Assessments

Course Review

This is a short blog, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of how to develop a course before I start diving into the different phases. Keep an eye out for Phase 1 — I will be posting soon!