Digital Forensics Course Development — Phase 2

By now you should have a clear idea on how your course will flow, but it’s a good idea to write it down and present it in a way that your students will be able to understand, and know what is to come throughout your course. This is called “Course Section Information” or CSI (not to be confused with my favourite show).

The CSI provides guidance on measurable Weekly or Module Learning Objectives, and aligning them with weekly assessments, activities and resources.

The CSI complements the Course Outline you previously created by providing the following:

Section Information

Evaluation Breakdown

I like having multiple types of assessments, and giving my students many opportunities to achieve throughout the course without overloading their plate. Here I’ve decided to cerate a total of 3 assignments, 5 online assessment quizzes that will test their knowledge after each section of the course, a presentation, a written report, and other ungraded activities that will be listed in the Learning Schedule that will help my students prep for the exams and assignments.

Along with each assignment, I will be creating a marking rubric that will be shared with the students so they are aware of the expectations; this will give them what I call an opportunity to exceed.

Learning Schedule

This section I strongly urge you to take the time to ensure a proper flow is created which will reflect on how the students will be exposed to new concepts, and have the opportunities to implement them.

For example: Week 1 of my course learning schedule.

The students will expect to be given a Self-check quiz which has no grade weight as its just a simple quiz for me to review and calculate the class’ median knowledge in Digital Forensics. They will also expect to go over the the weekly themes, learning outcomes, and be presented with their first assessment; all resources being provided to them will be available for their access at any time on the College’s resource platform specific to the course.

I advise to take it one week at a time, and to be aware of the required length for the course, as well as time for midterms and finals (also educational breaks) — review the schedule over and over until it flows and makes sense, rearrange items until it reads like a book, and then proceed.

Other Important Information

The Next Phase

So let’s get started!